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Omnimax's OEKO-TEX Certified Rubber Threads: Ensuring Comfort and Safety in Textiles

After reviewing the prior article about Omnimax’s rubber threads, which emphasize their flexibility and long-lasting vibrant color, it's apparent these threads offer more than just aesthetics. Omnimax’s rubber threads provide various benefits that enhance user experience, ensure comfort and safety across multiple industries. One crucial aspect is the attainment of OEKO-TEX certification, an independent institution ensuring impartial assessments.

What is OEKO-TEX Certification?

OEKO-TEX certification empowers customers to make safer, more sustainable choices when selecting textile products. This certification comprises two types issued to companies meeting their stringent requirements, with one of those are called STANDARD 100. This certification emphasizes the human-ecological safety of textile products, including those made from rubber threads. A benchmark since 1992, it rigorously tests textiles throughout production, examining approximately 100 parameters. The assessment checks for harmful substances that may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions upon contact. OEKO-TEX considers the intended application of the textile products when awarding this certification.

Why is it crucial and important?

A textile company must obtain the OEKO-TEX certification, as it proves beneficial for manufacturers. This label not only ensures the safety of their products for customer use—whether for daily wear or direct/indirect contact with the skin—but also provides a competitive advantage over those without it. Companies with this certification gain more trust from customers who may have concerns about which textile products to buy. Discerning customers, upon seeing the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label, will feel more at ease and inclined to try and purchase the product, knowing that textiles from certified companies have undergone rigorous testing against up to 350 toxic chemicals. Moreover, OEKO-TEX certification motivates textile manufacturers to adhere to national and international safety standards, safeguarding the well-being of both customers and workers.

What about Omnimax’s rubber thread?

On July 13th, 2023, Omnimax renewed its STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX certification, an annual update, valid until June 30th, 2024. This certification ensures that Omnimax's rubber threads meet safety standards for human skin, devoid of toxic chemicals, and gentle even on sensitive skin. Current and prospective customers can trust in the comfort and safety of Omnimax’s rubber threads. Manufacturers seeking high-quality rubber threads for diverse end products can confidently rely on Omnimax's threads, as the company has consistently met the rigorous standards of the OEKO-TEX certification. OEKO-TEX regularly updates its tests and criteria to ensure trustworthiness and alignment with the latest scientific advancements in textile production.

If you're currently searching for not only high-quality rubber threads but also those that are internationally certified for safe human use, explore our products exclusively at Omnimax by PT. Cilatexindo Graha Alam (


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