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Rubber Threads in Art and Fashion: An Innovative Approach

The saying: “Anything can be art,” rings true for all forms of self expression – music, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, installations, even recycled packaging turned into practical bags can be considered as art. So it’s no surprise that even rubber threads are also used for the purpose of creating and displaying art.

The rubber thread’s elasticity, long-lasting quality, and wide range of color variety allows limitless possibilities. Whether it’s natural or synthetic, rubber threads can be made into practical items such as clothing, sports equipment, and medical devices; while also opening itself to non-practical use such as art and design.

Portrait of a woman illustrated with threads
Prithiviraj A (c) Unsplash

So, how is rubber thread used in art?

While it isn’t the most common material, there are a few prominent international artists who use rubber thread to express themselves and send meaningful messages through their creations. Some are even made for practical everyday use and sold in retail stores and local bazaars for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few examples of how rubber thread is used in art and design.

  • Paintings: When one hears the word painting, they would immediately think of using a paintbrush, paint, and a binding medium such as water or oil to smoothen the paint before applying onto a canvas. Many modern artists have branched out from the traditional method of painting to add another layer of depth in their painting using clay, threads, paper, and even pieces of glass. Now, rubber threads in paintings are usually stitched through the canvas to create unique textures and create depth for the final artwork.

  • Installations: Not only are rubber threads versatile, they are also made of durable material, such as the ones Omnimax has been producing for years. Art installations using rubber threads are sure to last throughout the whole exhibition period. Many thread installations are able to create a perception of space using geometric shapes and patterns. These threads are wound around nails on a wooden surface or firm constructs that are planted to the ground.

Rubber thread with fine thread count by Omnimax
(c) Omnimax Rubber Thread by PT Cilatexindo Graha Alam

  • Jewelry: While jewelry (i.e. necklaces, bracelet, and earrings) is considered as a practical form of art, it can also be displayed in exhibitions. Artists use rubber threads as the colorful base of intricate accessories adorned with enamel, plastic, glass, or even shiny gems. Some types of jewelry are even fully made of rubber threads stitched together to create beautiful shapes and patterns.

  • Children’s toys: In some cultures, children’s toys can be woven using rubber threads. Due to its exceptional flexibility and durability, rubber threads can create easily malleable toys that allow children to play to their heart’s content without changing the shape of the toy. These rubber threads also come in a variety of vibrant colors, creating eye-catching toys for children to enjoy. Some popular toys include toy airplanes, toy cars, and koosh balls.

For the creative mind, everyday household items and unorthodox materials are just tools to express themselves in art. The rubber thread’s flexibility and vibrant colors allows anyone to create any form of art for their needs. Find durable rubber threads for your textile and art needs with Omnimax by PT Cilatexindo Graha Alam (


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